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Journal Entry: Wed Feb 11, 2015, 2:37 PM

Hey guys! Just dropping by to let you know I finally got around to creating my facebook page :)…

Feel free to like it if you want to follow my WIP and new pictures! I'll still try my best to be active here ^^

Now leaving for Katsucon! Have a nice weekend!

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G-Anime, Katsucon, What's coming!

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 23, 2015, 12:38 PM

Hey dA!

It's been a while :) I'm not sure I even have peope who read my stuff anymore heehehe! 

How is everyone? 

This weekend is G-Anime! I'll be attending with a lot of nice people and debuting two new costumes! First one is Nozomi from Love Live (No Brand Girl) with :iconjujub:  and the other one is a secret (involves Disney though and :iconfrenzywonder: !)

I promise I'll post lots of pictures of old and new costumes after that!! 

Not soon after G-Anime is Katsucon! I'll be attending for the second time and I CANT wait !! My lineup is already decided, there isnt much time between the two cons and I need to produce!! I'll be making a High Priest from Ragnarok Online with the lovely :icontwilightsaphir: , Mulan from Disney, Fan Art Tomoyo from CCS with my sweet :iconlolipuff: and I'll be rewearing Shannon from Umineko no naku koro ni with :iconfrenzywonder: as Kanon and :iconarmurita: as Beatrice!
Wooh! That's a lot of stuff :P

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Take care

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What are you planning next?

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 3, 2014, 8:26 AM

dA is so dead lately it makes me sad D8

I'm wondering what everyone is planning next in terms of cosplay, conventions, photoshoots? Let me know!!

On my part my next convention will be G-Anime, which is still a bit far. I'm not 100% sure what I'll be doing, but I can promise some more disney!

Aside from that I might shoot Dark Sakura with a very beautiful Rin!

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Journal Entry: Fri Jul 25, 2014, 1:42 PM

Juste stopping by to tell you guys that one of my dearest friend :iconlolipuff: just made a cosplay page!! Go give her some love, she deserves a TON! I mean look at that cute Sumia (epic armor!) and that sexy MF ;)…

Hope everyone is doing fine! 

Can't wait for Otakuthon even though I'm far from ready hahahah *cries*

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Decisions, future cons, summer!

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 7, 2014, 11:12 AM

Hi there!

How are things?
I just got back from Geekfest Quebec! It was a very small, new convention in Quebec City. I had fun hanging around with friends and attending an unsually high amount of panels! I learnt a lot of stuff from great cosplayer artist and I'm really pumped to do my next costumes in a new way!

Speaking of future costumes, I had to make a decision: Otakuthon is about 6 weeks away and I barely had time to touch my costumes yet. I refuse to rush anything anymore and I want to upgrade the quality of my workmanship so I decided to cancel all of my big plans and go for smaller things....and start something big for Montreal Comiccon :3 (Hopefully I'll find the fabric...been looking for months D;)

After a long night ride in the car from Quebec to Montreal, I had the time to think and I finally chose my lineup for Otakuthon! I'm excited to say I'll be debuting two new costumes and making my first commission ever for my sweet friend :iconvilya0:

It should go like this:
Friday day: Alice from Disney's Alice in Wonderland
Friday Night: Makoto Tachibana from Free! Iwatobi's Swim Club (With a group)
Saturday: Snow White from Disney's Snow White (I'll be revamping her!)
Saturday Night: Undecided/Something Comfy
Sunday: Azusa Miura from The IdolMaster, Pink Luxury Diamond outfit, with a full group!!!!

I can' wait for Otakuthon, it's so close yet soo far!! Are you guys planning on attending? Let me know where to find you!!

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Short AN report and news!

Journal Entry: Thu May 29, 2014, 11:31 AM

Hey people! 

Just came back from Anime North and all I can say is..I had a blaaaaaast! One of my best convention ever :) Only bad thing for me was the big sunburn I got on Saturday >> It's really unsexy and hurts XD

I should be getting pictures of my IdolMaster cosplay and Snow White in the next 2-3 weeks so stay tuned! I did post a preview of my Snow White though ;) I'm really happy with this costume and will surely rewear it!

It's summer time! I'll surely be more active since this is the part of the year where I produce the most :) Ill be moving into a new house next week though, so for now there isnt much to be done except boxes XD But after that I'll get back on track!
Things to expect soon: More Annie and Videl pictures. Yukiho and Snow White too!
New cosplays: Noire from Fire Emblem Awakening, Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket, Miho Amakata from Free! 
More cosplays, but that would be for later on!

Oh and..I just got a job :'D

Take care people and enjoy the sun!

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Anime North!

Journal Entry: Thu May 22, 2014, 4:24 PM

Leaving for AN tommorow morning!! I hope to see many of you guys out there!

Sorry for the inactivity I've been busy finishing my semester and then finding a job and sewing! 

I'll be debuting 3 new costumes for Anime North

Friday: Yukiho Hagiwara from IdolMster with :iconfrenzywonder: as Makoto (OTP much)
Saturday: Disney's Snow White
Sunday: Nibutani Shinka from Chuunibyou along with :icontmmeh: and  :iconpinkiixria: as Yuuta and Rikka

Take care people!

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WIP and plan changes!

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 31, 2014, 7:49 PM

Hi hi!

My con plans have changed quite a bit since my last journal..
For economic and personal reasons I decided not to attend ColossalCon anymore. I'm not that sad since there's always next year :D 
Which means I'll be 100% attending Anime North ;) I already have my costume schedule in mind so stay tuned!
I was also supposed  to attend Nadeshicon this weeking, but I've got a work formation for the upcoming elections here in Quebec, so I had to cancel. 

Sorry for all the messages I didnt reply yet, I don't have much time and I'd feel bad answering to some amazing wall of texts with short answers D:

I want to thanks everyone for answering my poll (especially all of you who voted toaster. You've enlightened my decision). Since I didnt really get any negative answers (the ones i got didnt have any proper argument aside from ''Facebook is evil'' thanks Mike ;) ) and because of all the amazing answers I got, I decided that I'd give a try and will open a facebook page. I'll probably do so after my term ends though, which means after May 1st. Just in time for Anime North :P

Finally here are some WIP for you guys!
Princess WIP by Flanna
(I'm still a failure that can't seem to put up pictures in her journals LOL)
Snow White and Anna WIP, more precisely. All embroidery seen on the underskirt, skirt (Bleu fabric) and corset are done by hand! 

I've also finished my Chuunibyou school uniform, ready for Nibutani and/or Kumin!

Take care folks!

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Some News!

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 10, 2014, 11:09 AM

Hi fellow dA folks!

How are things?
On my part, I'm done with my midterms and was granted a ''reading week'' (1 week vacation since I had no studies left) and it was greaaaaaaaaat! I feel so refreshed :) 
I took this precious time to work on cosplays! I am officially done with Anna's corset embroidery! I'll be continuing on the skirt and underskirt now. 
My Chuunibyou uniform is also almost done, only need to put the buttons, adjust at the waist and make the big bow!  I'm also started on Noire from Fire Emblem Awakening, but that happened a while ago XD

Things you should expect in a close or far future:

Anna from Frozen
Nibutani/Kumin from Chuunibyou demo koi ga Shitai!
Noire from Fire Emblem Awakening
Sailor Alice (DracheaRannak fanart)
Snow White.

Hopefully I get off my lazy butt and I will be able to finish all of this XD

My future con attendance:
Ottawa Comiccon: I'll most likely only be able to attend the Friday, because I have a concert on the Saturday in Montreal ;___; Calssara senpai though ;_;
Anime North: A big maybe :/
Colossal Con: <-- The reason why AN is a big maybe. I'm so happy to announce I'll be attending Colossal this year omg! PET ALL THE ANIMALS 

Take care folks!

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G-Anime and Tags!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 2, 2014, 1:04 PM

G-Anime was last weekend! It was really fun, I decided to turn the con into a super-duper-relaxed con, bringing two very small (but new) cosplays! I've already posted a picture of my Red Riding Annie :D 
I want to congratulate my precious :icondeltaree: and :icontmmeh: for winning in the mascarade! It was their first and they were AMAZING <3 (Congrats to all my other peeps who won too, but finding your dA names is pretty confusing and long c_c)
My next con should be Anime North, which is pretttttyy far but it gives me time to produce more 8D

I was tagged by two people! I enjoy those games, but feel free to not read it because it's long :P

First I was tagged by :iconlillychiyo:

1. If you could choose one thing to bring to an island, what would it be?
A teleportation machine to get back home when I want :D?

2. What's your favorite food?
Hard question...I'll go with my mom's spanakopita, or sushis

3. Which color do you think is your spirit and why?
I'll go with red, (biaised because it's my favorite, but it must be for a reason)
it's the color usually associated with love, and I will forever be a believer in true love and cheesy things like that. Red can also be associated with suffering and pain, which brings out my anxious/depressive side, but it can also remind people of the warmness of the sun which I think also applies to me :3
4. Let's say you're in Harry Potter, which animal do you think your Patronus would take form from and why?
A cat, because I am a lazy princess that likes to be cared for huhuhu.

5. Any food that you hate?
I think :iconshmuberry: has described my hatred perfectly 
''RAW TOMATOES ARE VILE ARE DISGUSTING. THEY ARE THE SPAWN OF SATAN AND PEOPLE WHO EAT RAW TOMATOES ARE VILE. OMG the taste it is so bad, if there is a raw tomato in my sandwich and I eat it by accident, it makes me puke. I can’t help it, it is SO BAD.''
Seriously I feel EXACTLY the same.

6. What are your pet peeves? 
Ugh. People who say ''Si j'aurais'' (French grammar stuff), people who can't write c'est/s'est/ces/ses correctly. 
Aside from that, people who take/touch my stuff without asking. It drives me insane

7. Name your 3 top cosplays you'd like to make/shoot if money/time/skills didn't matter.
Koi Nami from League of Legends, Belle (yellow dress) from Beauty and The Beast, and Sansa Stark's wedding dress.

8. Which movie/anime/series made you cry the most?
The Notebook >_________>'''''''

9. What do you look for in a romantic partner?
A friend with whom I can share everything and anything, and someone who has a good general culture (Aka my boyfriend <3)

10. Do you like me? Of course! You're like one of the best meeting 2013 has brought me. Such a sweet and caring girl, it's always a pleasure to see you! I hope this year will bring us togheter some more so I get to know more about you!

I was also tagged with :iconkirliara:

1-When did you start cosplaying and why?
I wore my first costume in 2009, all hand made by my mother. Cosplay fascinated me as it is another way for me to slip into the skin of someone else, and let my creativity go as it pleases. I

2-What is the thing you must have in conventions?
A cosplay. Even closet/casual. I just don't feel confortable being fully casual at a con anymore XD

3-What cosplay would you like to fix and rewear again?
Dragonqueen Sakura from Tsubasa

4- Your dream cosplay would be?
Again- Belle from the Beauty in the Beast

5-What are you looking for in the next few years?
Making bigger and more challenging cosplays (big poofy dresses, armor)

6-What was your first convention?Any very good or very bad experience?
Otakuthon 2009. Discovering the world of conventions made me sooo happy

7-Do you have someone who inspired you?
Definetly :iconcalssara:, she is my greatest inspiration in cosplay, be it by her craftsmanship or attitude in general. I just look up to her so much.

8-What's your favourite thing to do in convention?
Look at other people's cosplay :3

9- Do you still want to cosplay when you'll be older? (40-50)
Not really. But I don't want to stop sewing ever. I'm thinking of probably going into more of historical costumes after a certain age :)

10- The favourite thing you've done ( Can be anything a cosplay, a prop, a cosplay group...etc..)
My Madoka Magica group <3

I think everyone will already have done this tagging thingy so I won't tag anyone :P

Take care folks

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Late new year journal :'D

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 11, 2014, 12:45 PM

Oupsie! ^^' 

Is it too late for a new year journal?
I'll be quick! (At least try too haha)

On the personnal side:
2013 was a though year, but it taught me soo much about myself, about what I want/need that I'm sort of glad it happened. I got to meet lots of wonderful people, to get closer to my two bff, and  a long time friend became my wonderful boyfriend <3 I finally decided to step up and get out of my self inflicted misery and fight my big anxiety problems. I got myself appointements to the doctor/psychologist and I'm proud of myself. I feel the need to share this little thing because I used to think consulting was for the weak (and I know I wasnt alone thinking that way), but I discovered that it took much more strenght out of me to actually go and do something. Now I already feel much more happier and I work hard everyday to get better. It's not always easy, but now that I started opening up to people around, I know i'll be able to fight through it :3

Ok now I'll stop with the boring personal life :P

Cosplay side was obviously affected by what was stated before, but I still managed to get some cosplay done: Princess Sakura, Schoolgirl Mami, Summer uniform Fuuka, Cagalli, Hanekawa, Soraka, Lyfa and Clover. I'm hoping that I'll get more productive in 2014! Like promised, I'll be posting a ''recap'' of all my cosplay soon :) 
For 2014 I posted my cosplay meme for future plans, but I'm already starting to add some other stuff (I'm helpless XD). For sure you'll be seeing some LoL, Disney, Game of Thrones and One Piece ;)

Last year I made some new year resolutions for the first time. I was able to keep two of it, so I guess it's worth the try to do some more this year.

-Finish the tons of cosplay I have in making
-Again, read at least 12 non school related books 
-Regain part of the weight I (unwillingly) lost because of stress/anxiety evil stuff
-Keep on fighting and spreading love :D

Hope 2014 will be sweet to everyone and thanks for still following me even though dA is kind of dead lately ;__;

My next con is in two weeks: G-Anime!
Cosplay lineup has changed a bit, but Annie is on the way!!!

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Hey dA

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 3, 2013, 2:31 PM

I still exist!

Kind of trying to focus on my school right now, i've slacked off a lot and exams are coming so I need to catch up on everything to get good grades ^^''

Still I haven't forgotten about cosplay and sewing! I made myself a lovely pencil skirt that I can't wait to wear (but with snow outside, skirts are not my first choices anymore T___T). I also made Tinkerbell's outfit, but couldn't wear it at Halloween because I screwed up the wings :'D She's now my G-Anime sunday cosplay though ;).

I went to see Frozen when it came out. OMG. OMG. It made its way to my top 3 favorite disney movie (The first being Beauty and The Beast and the now third, Tangled). I can now assure everyone who was wondering why I wanted to cosplay Anna before the movie was out, that I adore the character and that she would have been my choice anyways (although Elsa is freaking awesome).
Anna's skirt is started, but embroidering takes a lot of my time :'D The corset is also cut out! Can't wait to show some proper progress!
Aside from that I also saw Catching fire and now I want to do one of Katniss's dresses. Help ;_;

I decided that for the new year I'll be posting some sort of recap of my cosplay life until now, by posting one picture of every cosplay I own with a full description of the cosplay/why I chose it/how i liked it, ect. I think It could be interesting :D And of course my usual cosplay meme :)

Now I'll be off to (not) studying, playing some LoL and pokemon X (Oh god I also want to do some Gijinka now)


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Halloween coming!

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 27, 2013, 3:08 PM

Hey guys!

Just a journal to say that I am still alive and somewhat active with my cosplay.
I have been terribly busy with my mid terms last week and now I was just relaxing playing pokemon all day, so I kind of forgot about dA existing >< I'll be sure to answer everyone soon!

Halloween is coming! I'll be participating to the Animorency Halloween party with a brand new cosplay: Tinkerbell! My friend :iconjujub: will be my partner as Periwinkle. I chose to do her leaf dress (… ) as it's prettier and more original than the others! I did take some artistic liberties though :)
Here's a very bad quality WIP to proove that I have been working on it…
I hope to see many of you at the party!

Aside from that I'll be seriously starting on Anna from Frozen right after Halloween so stay tuned!

Oh and since it's in the mood..Enjoy some more Dark Sakura pictures.

Take care guys! 

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A new chapter

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 2, 2013, 11:46 AM

Omg. I'm starting university tommorow. I am so terribly stressed and terrified c___c
I had to share. Hope everyone that's starting college/uni/new job is okay! Good luck all!

To unstress myself today I think I'll just post a few pictures from new/old shoots that never made it to my dA for no actual good reason (It'll also make the wait for my Otakuthon pictures less painful)

I also just wanted to thank everyone for all the huge reactions/comments on my latest poll! I didn't quite expect that hahaha. And yes, since many asked, I did make that poll because I often wonder if I should try going on stage at least once. I used to have theatre/acting classes (with :icondeltaree:) and I really miss that, and the feeling of playing a character on stage, but I'm wondering if Mascarades are really quite the same...But I'm sincerely happy I got that many point of view!

And just so you know...
Expect some Disney, Game of Thrones/A song of Ice and Fire, IdolMster and League of Legends for my next cosplays ! (Will probably make a poll about LoL too)

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Annnnnnd I'm back from Otakuthon (Have been for almost a week now oups.)

Have to say it was one of my best con ever. Close behind Katsucon. 
For those who don't know, Otakuthon is my home con, happening in Montreal, really close to where I live, so it's always that one con that makes me really excited.  I'll try to be short about it.

Checked in the hotel on thursday and got my badge early (no line yaaay)! Could finish some last minute things in the room. I was rooming with :icondeltaree: :iconlolipuff: and :iconichimy-sama: for the whole weekend. :iconfrenzywonder: was with us on thursday night. Those girls are the best roomates ever. <3 Thanks a lot ladies for being the way you are!

Friday was Lyfa day, finally debuting that costume yaay! Had a shoot with :iconrocknamlee: so you'll be seeing pictures in a few weeks! Overall the costume is SUPER comfy, although I need to readjust one or two things.
Spent most of my day with :iconjujub: and it was really fun and relaxed (My three other girls were being too popular as their adorable Powerpuff Girls hehhehehe). On the night I changed as what I thought would be schoolgirl Mami, but I ended up as Madoka, and I was really happy! Madoka is my favorite character! <3

Saturday. League of Legends day. I was debuting my new Divine Soraka cosplay along with :icondeltaree: :iconlolipuff: :iconjujub: as Ahri, MF and Sona. Met tons of LoL cosplayers, got 4320423429429 pictures taken and had a shoot with :iconrocknamlee: before we all died in our hotel room. At night I changed into Hanekawa Tsubasa and went to eat out with friends and attended the Teahouse panel with other friends (Jaune)

Sunday. 9 hours, 9 person, 9 doors day. OMG. So much feels from the amazing group that invited me to be their replacement Clover (Their Clover could not attend Otakuthon D:). Had a small photoshoot with the group, which was very fun, but sadly I had to leave in the middle of it. Though it wasnt that bad since it was for a good reason ; I had booked a private shoot with :iconliquidcocaine-photos: and had to meet up with her! It was fun and I was glad to see her again. Karen is such a sweet lady <3
I then met with some school friends and chilled with them for the rest of the day, until I met back with my usual mates and went out for supper. Sadly my Otakuthon ended abruptly, when I had an argument with my mom over  the phone and had to leave the restaurant quickly to get back home (Sorry about that to anyone I couldnt say bye to D:  )

Buuuut that didnt ruin the fact that my con was fun, dramaless, kind of relaxed for a big con and full of new people and amazing costumes
Of course that much fun would have never been possible with all the fools that were part of my weekend! I'm just really sad I couldnt spend more time with some of you, and especially, couldnt even find some of you (*wink Marya*)
 :icondeltaree: :iconlolipuff: :iconichimy-sama: :iconfrenzywonder: :iconjujub: :iconrocknamlee: :iconliquidcocaine-photos: :icontmmeh: :iconlexxyraptor: :iconbahamutnight: :iconeriotiku: :iconlillychiyo: :iconpinkiixria: :iconvilya0: :iconxwickedgames: :iconvamp-elanor: and all the 999 crew. Also Gen, Laureanne, Marjo and Xav which I totally don't remember/know the dA :'D
Sorry if I forgot anyone, I'm just too lazy to remember :'D

(I still wrote a wall of text. Sorry if I bore you I can't help it c___c)

I'm not sure what I'll do in my upcoming projects. I decided to take cosplay more easily before Otakuthon, and it totally worked. I was able to finish my Otakuthon cosplay without any stress and felt really happy about it!
What I know for sure is that I'll make my Sam cosplay before the new Hobbit movie and my Anna cosplay before Frozen comes out!

Take care people! 

(For now I'll go back to playing LoL like the big no life I decided to be before school starts 8D)
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A con at last!

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 15, 2013, 1:04 PM

Just a quick journal to say that I'm still alive!
So sorry about the unanswered comments/notes :< I've been busy with school (I'm now done and I had good grade weehh) and cosplays!
But first I want to thank :iconbahamutnight: for renewing my premium membership and allowing me to sitll have a cute vaporeon journal skin!

So cosplay. Tommorow is Otakuthon! My first con since Katsucon omg finally!…

Lineup for the weekend! All cosplays I never wore to a con yaay!
 If you are attending, come say hi! I'll be super happy to see some new people ! :3

Hope everyone is having a nice summer and will have a good Otakuthon if attending! 

Oh yeah. I had a Persona 3 photoshoot and a Dark Sakura one so pictures should be coming too :)

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Hello people !

I finally decided to come back and active on dA! I started by posting two new pictures, one from my amazing Litchi photoshoot, and one from my recent half derpy Gundam Seed photoshoot <3

A few of you seemed to be worried about my previous journal, so I thought I might talk about this a bit. Things went pretty bad in my first week of vacations, with many big and sad events happening in a short laps of time. I'm not one to talk much about the details, but it's the kind of things that only time will cure, so I try to stay positive :) Though, that horrible start of summer has put a lot of (more) stress on me and my panic attacks got more frequent. I've started having those at the beginning of the year and I'm still quite confused and feeling really uneasy about it. I had never told anyone about it, its just the kind of thing i never know how to put in a conversation, so here it is now you know. And this is why I am trying really hard to take my summer easy with no stress :)

Whiiiiiiich leads me to a more positive and fun topic: COSPLAY!
I've decided to drop my Paradise Kiss project, at least for the time being, because it was too stressful and hard to make in such a short time. And since its my dream cosplay, I want it to be fun, pretty and not stressed out! 
Sooooooooooo for my Otakuthon cosplay on the saturday, I decided to join my three ladies (:iconlolipuff: :icondeltaree: and :iconjujub:) for a League of Legends group! I'll be making Divine Soraka <3 I only started playing recently, but between Soraka and me, its been love at first sight. I know she's quite easy to play, but full support characters really are my bbs <3

Alsoooo. My Friday Samurai Warriors group kind of died, so I decided to also push back the project (Cosplaying skimpy Kunoichi alone didnt feel all that good xD) and to take back Lyfa (According to my poll, people seem to want to see her :D). I'll finally be finishing the cosplay and wearing her on the Friday (with maybe an Asuna ;) )
I'll keep the sunday a surprise for those of you who don't know yet ;) (Super excited about it huhuhuhu)

As for  the rest, I've recently attended an event called the Big Bento, where I wore my Hanekawa Tsubasa cosplay for the first time! 
Comfiest cosplay ever! (Thanks to Jici for the pictures!) But not under 30 degrees (celcius) we were dyiiiiiiiiiiiing
Big Bento 06-07-2013 214 by MrJechgo
Big Bento 06-07-2013 212 by MrJechgo
Speaking of which, I'll be having a real Bakemonogatari photoshoot next week, and a Persona 3 one (I'll be Fuuka) the day after! Phew! Gotta get working on my stuff!

Take care people ! 
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Quick Journal

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 10, 2013, 7:38 PM

I'll be real quick about this journal.

For some unfortunate reasons me and :iconlolipuff: were not able to attend AnimeNext last weekend. It happened suddenly and at the last minute so there wasnt much we could do.
So I really wanted to to apologies to the few people I was supposed to meet out there...But hopefully there will be a next time!!

Things are a bit rough on the personal side lately, so I might, or might not be very active in here. Just wanted to make you guys aware if I suddenly dissapear.

On a brighter note, I am now done with college! Well almost. I still have 1 summer class to do, but it looks pretty easy! And I have :icontmmeh: with me which is kind of funny xD

I'll try to get Fuuka and Schoolgirl Mami shooted soon :)

Take care!

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Journal Entry: Sun Jun 2, 2013, 2:43 PM


I'll be leaving for AnimeNext in Somerset, NJ this friday !! Sadly we're only able to make in on the Saturday and Sunday (But we will probably leave a bit later on the sunday since we don't have to rush for a bus)

I'm going to be rooming with :iconlolipuff: and mostly hanging with her and :iconjujub:  (also lets not forget about :iconbahamutnight: and the 700 shoots we're supposed to do ;) )

Here's my lineup for the weekend! If you are attending and you spot me, please come say hi, it'll make my day :D!

Animenext by Flanna

Ok I suck at inserting image so deal with my thumbnail please ;-;

I will be debuting two new costumes on Sunday (they are not finished yet, but I have hope 8D!)
I'm really happy that I choose to make a new Mami outfit too.

On the personal life, I'll FINALLY be done with cegep this friday too (Like. Done for real. WAHH)
I will probably post some picture of our final project since it was basically making three costumes inspired from a Molière play (they look amazing. Srsly. Never been so proud of something like that)

Now it's back to studying!
Until next time


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WIP Journal of doom :3

Journal Entry: Sat May 11, 2013, 6:28 PM

Hello people!
How's life treating you?

Here it's hellish xD School is evil, but in a month it'll be ALL DONE and I'll be able to breath. But for now.......suffering. 8D

Some cosplay new.
In the end I was not able to attend Nadeshicon, for the same reasons I won't be able to make it to Anime North...yes yes, you guessed right:
BUUUT :iconlolipuff: and I decided to go to AnimeNext instead! I think :iconjujub: is coming with us too :3! Our hotel room is booked, but I still have to buy my pass and...figure out how the hell we're going to get there. Bus from Montreal to New Jersey aren't the easiest to find >>'

EDIIIIIIIT: NVM I no has time to make anything. Next two weeks are going to be hellllllllll and under. God dammit teachers y.

So ANext will most likely witness Popuri, Cagalli and Lucy

Here are a few WIP to proove that I'm not dead even though I haven't made anything since Katsucon >>'

Cagalli by Flanna   Cagalli's almost done, the pants were commished by :iconsimakai: and I pretty much had the rest lying around...Only need to do the pouches and the neckalce.

Lyfa by Flanna The long lost Lyfa cosplay. Don't worry I haven't abandonne her,  I just didn't really get the time to work on it. Everthing's pinned togheter.
Also 2nd pleather corset ftw. (Mami's was the first.)
God why do I do this to myself.

Daenerys by Flanna

Aside from those I'm also about 50% on Nibutani and I started the base of my Yukari (Paradise Kiss) dress which is my big cosplay for this summer.
Oh and like I already mentionned somewhere, my final FINAL college project also includes sewing and costumes. We're recreating some Molière costumes. I'll probably post the final results here :)

Annnnd before I say bye. If you could take a small two minutes to go vote for an awesome cosplayer from my area that has entered the Otaku House Cosplay Idol contest. She's one of the best Shaolan around!……………………
Don't forget to confirm your like or it will not count!

That's it I think! Sorry for the long thing as usual XD

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